Beard Oil

Pump a few drops of beard oil into your palm. The amount you need will vary based on the length and thickness of your beard. Start with a few drops and add more as necessary.

Beard Balm

Work the balm into your beard, starting at the sides and then focusing on areas where you have particularly rebellious bristles. Brush and style as usual. Don’t forget your mustache!

Beard Wash

Our Beard Wash is a gentle cleanser that keeps things balanced without drying out your skin. Wash as often as you want, based on your routine. This beard softener keeps your skin and beard soft and manageable.

Welcome to Classic Beard Co.!

We offer premium quality products for the bearded gentlemen.  We've designed our products to exceed expectations by starting with superior, handcrafted ingredients and designing our blends to work great for all men and all hair types. Set yourself apart from the average and join the Classic Beard Co. Lifestyle. 

Beard Oil | "Bel Homme" Scent

Our premium beard oil will moisturize and soften the beard, hydrate the skin and add phenomenal shine without being heavy or greasy.  We developed the perfect blend of carrier oils thats designed to work great for all men and all hair types. We also excluded cheap read more...

Beard Balm | "Bel Homme" Scent

Our premium beard balm was formulated with superior handcrafted ingredients perfectly balanced to condition the beard, moisturize the skin, tame rogue hairs while adding a healthy shine read more...

Beard Wash | "Homme Frais" Scent

Unlike regular shampoos or soaps that can damage hair follicles and leave you beard dry and irritated, Classic Beard Co. Beard Wash is specifically formulated for beards and made with mild ingredients to keep your beard clean, healthy and strong read more...


There was once a time when many guys felt they didn't need products for their beard at all...those days are over!  Classic Beard Co. has brought many to the light and showed men that the hair on your face is just as important as the hair on your head.