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When I first started growing my beard I began to search for products to help relieve the itching, soften my beard and give me a healthy shine.  Needless to say I wasn't impressed by many of the grooming products I tried.  I ordered several brands of beard oils and spent money on products that were too heavy, caused more itching and irritation or generally failed to deliver the performance they were supposed to.  After a few weeks of frustration, I decided that I would research beard care, various oils and raw ingredients that would give me the results I required and meet my own standards.  

I spent the next ten months working on perfecting my formula. Lots of trial and error with dozens of combinations of oils looking for the balance I needed. When I found the perfect blend that gave me everything I needed and performed above my own expectations, I knew I had something special. Within a few weeks lots of people were asking me what I was using on my beard. I started off giving bottles to several guys to get their thoughts.  I also provided some local salons and barbershops with samples to use on clients.  The feedback I received was phenomenal!  Guys of different races and hair types were reporting the same results...a great multi-purpose oil that moisturizes the hair, softens the beard, hydrates the skin and adds shine that lasts all day! That's when Classic Beard Co. was born. 

Our Vision: The vision we have for Classic Beard Co. is simple.  Provide men with a new reference standard of products that exceed expectations while improving the overall health and appearance of their beards and skin